Mike Stern Sterzynski is an award-winning Director of Photography with over 15 years of experience in the film and television industry. For his achievement in cinematography, Mike was awarded the American Movie Award, Boston Film Festival Award, Los Angeles Movie Award, Euro Film Festival Award, LA Film Fest.

His latest movie “The Great Silence” was premiered in the 18th Giornate degli Autori“ Special Events in Venice 78.th VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. In 2020 his feature film “Thou Shalt Not Hate” was premiered in the 35.th International Critics Week in Venice 77.th VENICE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.



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    2022 Awards
    47. FPFF Gdynia Film Festival
    2021 Awards
    78th Venice Film Festival / 18th Giornate degli Autori Finalist
    2020 Awards
    77th Venice Film Festival / Critics Week Finalist
    Gazzetta Italia Cinematograpy Award - Non Odiare 2020
    2018 Awards
    Tohorro Torino 2018 - Official Selection
    Boston Film Festival 2018 - Winner
    Frightfest London 2018 - Official Selection
    2015 Awards
    American Movie Award 2015 Best Cinematographer
    Los Angeles Movie Award 2015 Best Cinematographer
    Euro Film Festival 2015 Best Cinematographer
    LA Film Festival – Best Cinematographer
    2014 Awards
    National Film Award UK 2018 - Winner
    Frightfest London2018 – Official Selection